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The Adventures of Brent and Sophie - The Dog That Save My Life - Brent Scarpo was on top of the world as a casting director, producer, director, writer and national speaker for colleges and universities. He worked on such films as "The Shawshank Redemption, Air Force One and Matilda". He spent ten years traveling the world with his anti-bullying program, "Journey to a Hate Free Millennium" speaking in each state to over 1.5 million people. Considered one of the top speakers in his field, Scarpo was highly successful, when he felt something was wrong.

One day, he asked himself, "Why am I not happy?" Little did Scarpo realize that he would be facing an ongoing battle with anxiety and depression. His use of addictive substances as a negative coping skill quickly progressed and eventually spun out of control. Nearly losing everything, Scarpo chose to enter a rehab facility in Los Angeles and took on a dog, which he named Sophie as his companion. In his recovery process, he has learned healthy, effective ways to handle his emotions, as well as life's ups and downs until the day he lost his dog in a car accident and she fell out the window on to the busy Los Angeles freeway. Unable to find his beloved Sophie, Scarpo decided that was the day he was going to kill himself.
Scarpo will share with audiences "the Miracle" that saved his life and how he continues to cope victoriously with anxiety and depression. Scarpo believes that the feelings he struggles with are faced by people everywhere and that the lessons he continues to learn in recovery are valuable not only for those suffering from substance abuse, but to anyone facing life's challenges

Brent has spent over 15 years speaking to colleges and universities around world to a growing audience of 1.5 million students. He has achieved numerous awards for his presentations and is EXCITED to present his BRAND NEW PROGRAM, "The Adventures of Brent and Sophie - The Dog That Save My Life" In addition, Brent offers his core programs that have been offered successfully for that last 15 years. We invite you to CLICK on the various program titles, which will lead you to a full description. Once done give us a call with any questions or booking dates.

Sophie as a Puppy!

Sophie Graduates Obedience School!

The Artsy Pose!

Sophie “All Dressed Up”

Brent Scarpo and Sophie

Sophie "High Five"

Sophie, “Strike a Pose”

Journey to a Free Millennium - The tragedy in Orlando, Florida is sadly a reminder of continued education on the issue of HATE and BULLYING! Centering on documented hate crimes, the film "Journey to a Hate Free Millennium" includes the student shootings at Columbine High School, the dragging death of James Byrd, Jr., and the brutal beating death of Matthew Shepard. Sharing their thoughts in the film through exclusive interviews are Judy Shepard (mother of Matthew Shepard), the family of James Byrd, Jr., Darrell Scott (father of Columbine student Rachel Scott), recording artist Elton John, actors Kathy Najimy and John Dye (Touched by an Angel) and others who were moved by these disturbing events. In addition, T.J. Leyden, a former neo-Nazi who now speaks out against hate, shares his own story of what it was like to be raised in a hate-filled environment and as someone who has embarked on a journey to a hate-free life. Powerful and stirring, "Journey to a Hate Free Millennium" is a film of hope and inspiration.

The Fence Where Matthew Shepard Was Found

The Crosses of Columbine High School Shooting

The Grave Site of James Byrd Jr.

Group Hug at Warren Area High School!

Why Do You Hate Me? - What is it that students love so little about themselves that some come to hate others as well as themselves? Brent Scarpo's "Why Do You Hate Me?" program explores this concept allowing students to dig deep on why they self-sabotage their lives. Students contemplate their relationship with such behaviors as alcohol, drugs, sex, face book and more.

Speaking at a local high school

The Real World of Addiction - Take Back The Night - Drugs, Alcohol, Prescription Pills and more have found themselves in our middle and high schools. Addiction among students has risen at alarming rates. In this powerful program, Brent shares his relationship to addiction as well as the tragedies and challenges of staying sober. "Take Back The Night" is a specialized program that encourages students to experience a drug and alcohol free prom night.

"90% of teens believe their peers are more likely to drink and drive on prom night."
"54% of students had 4+ drinks on prom night."

In his 60 - 75 minute program, Brent interacts with the audience asking for their assistance in identifying the following:

What is addiction?
What are various kinds of addictions?
What are some consequences of drinking at prom?
If I know somebody who is drinking & driving?
hat if I have an addiction? How do I know?
Where can I go for help?

Fun Middle School Presentation!

Ask the Life Coach - Students are constantly searching for answers to life's problems. Life Coach, Brent Scarpo will spend 90 minutes with his audience answering questions both anonymously and from the audience, so as to provide guidance to some of the more difficult life issues. Think of this as a LIVE Dear Ann Landers, Dr. Drew and more.

Brent Speaking as the Winner on The Today Show!

Finding Passion and Purpose in Life - The Six Steps - Whether you are working for corporate America, enrolled in college or raising a family, continuing to find Passion and Purpose in Life becomes more and more difficult. Brent Scarpo's program has been presented for numerous corporations, colleges, universities and associations. Participants leave the program revitalized, renewed with a powerful sense of passion and purpose for their lives. During this program, you will discover The Six Secret Steps of having a complete and wonderful life no matter where you might find yourself on life's journey.

Interviewed by Middle School Newspaper

Living Like Mama D - Lessons in Servant Leadership - This program will utilize the Greenleaf assessment scale of servant leadership. Each audience member will assess their own placement on the scale and through audience participation further their knowledge of how to include programming based on service at their school. The outcomes will not be seen in the sessions itself, but in the new service programs developed by the audience in the upcoming year on their individual campuses. This is the power of how one group can change the world through Mama D's example.

The Real Mama D! 

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