Customer Service Training

#1 Customer Service Training

Your business is only as good as your Customer Service. Without Customers, there is No Business!

Brent Scarpo has taught Customer Service Training for over thirty years and provides a fun filled and educational experience for all those that attend his seminar.

Brent has trained hundreds of Fortune 500 companies ranging from Corporate, Educational, Retail, Health, Hospitality, Casinos and More.

Whether your role is that of a front-desk receptionist, chat agent, call-center team member or team player, each will walk away with various tools to better their customer service skills.

#1 Customer Service Course Options

Brent tailors his programs to meet your particular needs, wants and desires. Choose from the following formats:

Half-Day Training Course - This format presents the most important tools that your employees need to bring excellent customer service to the workplace.

Full-Day Training Course - This format provides the foundational principals needed for Excellent Customer Service, while providing multiple tools for the Best Customer Service. Additionally, tailored "Role Playing" is incorporated in this training.

Multi-Day Training Course - This format provides the same services as the Full-Day Training, but allows for your entire team to benefit from the necessary customer service skills needed for your organization.

Each course can be presented either as a Live Onsite or via Zoom Online.

#1 Customer Service Course Description

This is your one stop shopping place for Customer Service Training. Tailored to your businesses particular needs, wants and desires, we will address the following:

- Skills needed to better serve your customers, clients and vendors.

- Listening, Listening, Listening - How to better communicate and listen to your customer.

- Assertive, Passive or Aggressive - What are the best communication skills needed for quality customer service?

- How to sound like a Million Dollars when answering the telephone.

- Who is your Team? - Teamwork Building Skills.

- Angry Customers - How to turn a Complaint into a Thank You.

#1 Customer Service Course Pricing Opportunities

We are competitively priced offering the Best Customer Service Training for your organization.

Each format, (Half-Day, Full-Day, Multiple Days) is individually priced.

You also can select in-person training at your facility.

To discuss format and pricing opportunities, contact Brent at 760-835-3327 or [email protected] .